Martha W.

Restaurant Owner, Douala

I’ve been buying fish from this business for years, and the quality is unmatched! Their fresh catfish are my favorite. Highly recommended!

Charlse M.


As a chef, I rely on top-notch ingredients. Broadway Farmhouse consistently delivers the freshest catfish and chicken. My customers love the variety and taste.

Emily Beriyin

Local African Restaurant Owner

The dried/smoked fish from this place are addictive! Perfect for our African cuisine. Plus, their customer service is exceptional.

Oumarou Mbah

Local Consumer, Ohio

From pond to table, Broadway Farmhouse knows its stuff. Their smoked fish is my family's favorite. Keep up the great work!

Rajesh P.

Hotel Manager, Nkongsamba

Being away from the coast, I was skeptical about getting fresh fish. But this business surprised me! Their overnight delivery is reliable.

Lulu's Kitchen

Event Planner, Buea

I organize seafood events, and Broadway Farmhouse is my go-to supplier. Their commitment to sustainability and quality sets them apart.